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Here we will give you some ideas of what you can do in Kiev !

Chernobyl Tour

1 day group tour, 2 days group tour or private tour, any of them you should make an advance reservation (5+ days), and we give you the best prices and try to fit you into small groups ! Regular groups are between 90-145USD (depends how much in advance) and special tours bring you to places you are not supposed to be in Pripyat, but we need 8-10 working days to organize it.


Shooting Range & Tank Riding

In Kiev region you can visit a professional outdoor shooting range, with different kinds of guns like AK-47, Dragunov, PPSH, Makarov, rifles or just try your aim with a shotgun and flying discs !

Prices starting from 70USD, depending on the amount of people. 
At the same shooting range you can also ride an APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) BRDM. 


Like to Fly ? 

Yes ! We got an airfield with a bunch of propeller heads, ready to do some spins and loops on a former fighter training plane. For 20 minutes you hold your stomach and the pilot laugh at you while he reaches G5. Prices varies, but weekends are cheaper, however we need 3-4 days in advance to reserve the spot.

Stalin Defense Line, War Museum and Motherland Statue 

Kiev has a huge statue sitting at the hills, bigger than the liberty statue, all made of steel. This is Rodina Mat (motherland statue), a big symbol in USSR and an unique monument in the world, celebrating the victory over the 2nd world war. This tour bring you to visit artillery bunkers and pillboxes used to protect USSR against the Nazi, hidden in the woods around Kiev, with enough time to visit the open area part of the museum or the museum itself (depending on the departure time).

We can orginize all that you want! Only write us a letter about tours.